Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Last Sunday, 10 members of our family were lost at Brookefields.
Glitzy and glassy shopping mall, Fashionistas flock of Girls and their teenage companions, Spi cinemas,
5D shows, extravagant Food courts have swallowed us.  But the “Bowling House” hooked me,
eventually I went into the Bowling alley, purchased a ticket for Rs.200/-(20 shots) assuming to engage all my family members to play.  We witnessed two families already occupying the cluster of seats fitted with monitor to watch score and the proceedings.

We occupied the extreme right alley, and I am the first 'Kegler' have taken an 'apple' out of 20 nos,
swing my arm, and ran towards the foul line, released it, but it was a clear 'Balsa'. The next two apples went through the 'Gutter' and no trace of victory.  The next release was a strike and a Spare.  I was convinced about my athleticism left in me; I invited my family members to proceed.  As usual the controller of the Alley rushed towards me and requested me to continue, since the rule there is only one person is allowed to play a total of 20 apples. My family members cheered me to continue, hence I started to play and learnt "Bridges, Blow a rack, Flatter, Flat ball, Follow through and Lift".

One who plays Bowling, will have an alter mind to install Bowling allies instead of Treadmills. Bowling is an energy drainer in comparison with Tennis and Basket Ball.

But it was difficult to steer back home, since the arms and hip was aching and was stiff, I had to search for a pain killer and muscle relaxant.
1. Kegler: Synonym for bowler.
2. Apple: Bowling ball
3. Balsa: A slight, powerless hit on the headpin. (Thin hit)
4. Gutter: Depression approximately 9.5 inches wide to the right and the left of the lane to guide the ball    to the pit to leave the playing surface. (Channel)
5. A strike (All ten down in the first ball), a spare (All ten down by the second ball).
6. Bridge: Distance separating finger holes (As opposed to span, the distance between the thumb hole and middle finger hole).
7. Blow a rack: A solid strike hit.
8. Flat ball: Ineffective ball; few revolutions, little action.
9. Floater: A ball that goes where the lane lets it; the ball is released badly with no particular lift or turn.
10. Follow-through: Motion after release. Should be toward the pin you're aiming at and may include a second "shadow" swing without the ball
11. Lift: The upward motion of the ball imparted by the fingers at the point of release.

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