Thursday, 5 December 2013


What a Win!

Finally the Wimbledon trophy arrived into the big hands of Andy Murray and his coach Ivan Lendl after the decisive Battle. It was fantastic night, to watch that one sided Match.  The other aspect which surprised me was that Andy Murray sat on his chair with a sigh of relief, the match controller approaching him, Murray asked permission to share his Victory Josh with his mates who were all sitting in the Player Box.  The controller permits Murray. Often other winners, bulldozing the way in to their Box, taking advantage of their Victory and the status of Celebrity.  But Murray climbed into his Box (in fact there’s no direct way to reach the Player’s Box from the Center Court) with a rare courtesy.

He embraced everybody leaving his mother since he didn't know the faces during his emotional burst. His mother also patiently waited and beckoned the guard to call his son and embraced him.  What a mother she is! What a courtesy they are celebrating! Wonderful mother & son. Seldom have we witnessed this type of an incident.

Not to forget Djockovic, who is a legend who kept his emotions tight, celebrating Murray’s rich Legacy, himself a True Champion indeed!

I pen this with the memory of my Guru, friend Raghuram and my coach Mr. Nandakumar
Letter to Mr. Anand Raghav, Stage Personality and Writer


My Sincere appreciations to a Stage Wizard!

Just read your “Porutham” a short story, in Diwali Malar, a purposeful purchase, this year.

Seeing your notification on FB about this short story, I have landed on your page, not have given any significance to Nanjil Nadan, S. Ramakrishnan, Dhanshika, Mrithula and Santra Prajin photograph on Kavithayini.Thamarai.
Initially I thought that I have surfaced into corporate world again, but your transition from a five star Hotel meeting to the beloved Kalyani Atthai and her activities, is a beauty. Kalyani athai’s first and second theory, the conversation with Dhuraisamy and Srinivasan while Krishnan mama looks on, her selfless work to merge the couple, finally her frustration towards the attitude of the present generation have been written by you very thoughtfully and  will reach every proposed couple.

I understand your concern for the aftermath of divorce and constrain to favor the ideology of Living Together.

You have written this story without any support of vernacular slang or sequel of incidents.  You have fabricated with an illustrative yolk of concept, gracefully.

Every publication of a writer, is to give a child-birth again, in spite you have proved that you are fertile.

I have been updated in your FB status, about your drug allergy, leading to conviction over Patti Vaidhyam and mentioned about deterioration of your health.

In fact it is all a difficult task, for a writing brain, to cross all this inevitable events of Real life.

I wish you become a Bookmark in writing.

Sathya Meva Jaeyathe, Hey Ram, the two words of a simple man, I am not going to write any of his freedom struggles, since we are not capable of following his foot paths, and ready to bash any politician, to lift them as our future Leader or prime minister.  Certainly, neither we do not know the responsibility of a prime minister, nor he does.  We are always ready to accept even a new actor Vijay Sethupathy as our Leader, who knows, he will become, and to that extent we Indians have an attitude of Devotion to the super stardom.

For long time we have been talking about a prime minister of India, biggest Democratic country, gives his speech of Independence Day, in from a glass booth. Now we are fixing an auspicious day even to a chief minister to confront a prime minister.  We do not have any right to talk about Freedom fights.

During my second standard in school, my Social studies teacher Mrs. Saraswathy, who lived near a lane, very adjacent to my school, tried to instill about Bapuji who was searching a pencil, was given to him by a close mate, I had a difficulty to understand this contest, suddenly from the course of adopting alphabets in my first standard. Later Putli Bhai, Porbunder and Bapu’s Birth year were a problem in every examination. When I was in 8th standard, I had been to Rajkot, Porbunder, Sabarmati, with my friend Elango while his Uncle was driving a “Taurus truck” en-route to Delhi & Gujarat, to cater Neycer products. By my 9th standard I appeared for a District Level Essay writing event about Mahathmaji, that time I have been reading his “My experiments with the Truth” and understood the essence of his Ahimsa principle, Truthfulness, Being a vegetarian, value of friendship, the desire over feminine body even after hearing Kasturibha’s father passing away, One India, the proposal to dissolve Congress party and the death in the hands of his own countrymen.

Truly I am not able to follow all his qualities sincerely. In the 10 standard Mr. Sivalingam, my Tamil Teacher, narrated a prose on “Gandhiji”, still in my vivid memory.

By 1982, my maternal Uncle-Balu mama, availed leave to his SBCO job at Indian Post and Telegraphs, has already reserved  Tickets for Gandhi- the movie, directed by Richard Attenborough, the first movie for Ramba & Urvasi cinema theater, I think, mama, myself, Mano,Thambudu and Banu have all enjoyed the Movie. Balu mama only took us to Veerapandiya Kattabomman; I do not know why he has done all this things for us. Now he is down with Parkinson syndrome and walks with a stick like Gandhi. I would appreciate the ‘will’ of Richard Attenborough, casting Ben Kingsly, to act as Gandhi leaving Indian actors, but Kasturiba is our own Rohini Hattangadi, only Indian women can portray the real femininity, to establish the role of real Mahatma had been proved.

Later the Liquor barren Mr. Vijay Mallya has brought the belongings of Bapuji from an Auction, Thank God; at least he was awake, made us proud Indians. Legendary actor Kamal Hasan spent his money and energy to remind Gandhi again on his own language with the movie-‘Hey Ram’, further he had an opportunity to sing a song “Roopa notilathan vaaluraru Gandhi”. I used to go to my office which was situated at Gandhi Mandapam Road, Kotturpuram, is his presence being an Enigma?

On this day, I Salute the Father of our Nation and the real mahatma- Maa kasturibha.

My face book friend Mr. Charles J Forman’s article on women’s transformation to the domestic work at Germany and my son’s teacher Prof.Shanthi Shankaralingam’s questionnaire to me, on AN IMPACT ON WOMEN EMPLOYEE IN THE MIND OF MEN in India, both are contrary on its core message, eventually induced me to share some thoughts.
In fact in India Women have long years of Log book for working in various fields viz., Agriculture, Cooking, Teaching, War-espionage, Weaving, Handicrafts, Masonry, Rehabilitation centers, Judicial, medicine, Micro-biology labs and religious missionary .

Thus Women prevail silently in all terrains of Human work; we can say that they are predominant. Women themselves do not promote their efficiency, determination, dedication and desire to take up the responsibilities on par se to the Men including Leadership qualities, on their respective fields but mankind is undoubtedly benefited.

Particularly both men and women shared their work with an ethic, though when our literacy rate was low, but only in the contemporary years we see sexual abuse and harassment. When women were deployed into some specialized domains, particularly Banking and Information Technology, in the night hours, sexual abuse & Sexual harassment took place only amidst their cherished circle.

We do not hear such stories from Tirupur and Sivakasi, where Women work force is huge, but the incidents are more only at corporate sector, Banks and IT parks and it leads to bigger arguments.
Aiswal, the capital of Mizoram, this place is mainly notable for its huge population of women laborers and the crime rate against them. Today, our capital the so called Delhi, safety for women is under the scanner of the family

The society should be well informed with the statistical ratio of women employment and the government should increase the space for women at all places, like the country does for the colonies.