Tuesday, 11 March 2014

We-men’s Day.

The Last line of this would promptly reflect our greeting on Women’s Day.

Recently I paid a visit to my son’s college and wondered about the dress habit of Men’s attire. Men Wear their pant on their groin line, not even, below the hip, for the so called Low Hip. On my re tour my son asked me, why Daddy, you are in silence suddenly.  I told, Oh sonny, I worried perhaps if you ask, “Allow me to wear this Lo-hip for a Week”.

Women, in the college, are perfect in the aspect of dressing. Thank god, I have not seen any figure skating robes, Leggings or sleeveless tops.  I understand the delicacy of parents, allowing their wards, on their own taste.  But parents know the consequences and are prepared to face it. For Instance I would quote the feelings of Praksh Padukone, a conservative person, to my knowledge, he can only be happy about the charisma of his daughter.

I would appeal to both men and women, to dress and behave carefully in public places. Disposing “I am What I am attitude” gives you a classic environment, Happy women’s day.

1. This has been provided only to the Teens.
2. This extract is from a father’s perception.
3. But for the teens, I would pass Mother’s day Greetings.

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